1. Registration

1.1. How can I register on Ruletest?

You can register yourself online on the registration form

1.2 I cannot activate my account: the activation mail is not in my SPAM folder

Please contact us, we can activate your account for you.

1.3. Is the free membership limited in features?

You can access all features (e.g. performing rule tests, attending the Academy). However, these are limited. You'll find more details on the pricing page

1.4. What benefits does a premium membership have?

You can access all features without limitiations. Only a fair use policy applies. You will also support support the further development of Ruletool and Ruletest. :) You'll find more details on the pricing page

1.5. How do you protect my privacy?

Your personal details will not be shared actively with third parties, unless you explicitly agree to this first. For example, as part of a contest, you may win a price that is shipped to your home address. Therefore, it may be necessary for you to provide additional details in order to make this happen. You may always refuse providing this additional information, causing you to decline the price.
Your scores in challenges and grouptests will be shared with the persons initiating those tests.
Your registration name and registered countly can be listed publicly on the website as part of the top 10 and Hall of Fame.
You’ll find more information in our privacy policy: http://www.ruletest.info/privacy-policy

1.6. Why do you need to know my real name?

You can provide any name you’d like, within our policy restrictions (e.g. no explicit language). If you provide your real name, it makes it easier for other users to find and challenge you to compete on a test or to include you in a team challenge.

1.7. Which email address should I use?

You can use any email address you’re currently using. We’ll use this address during registration and to inform you of user challenges you receive and to inform you of major Ruletest updates (we’ll try to limit this to no more than one email per two months).

1.8. Why do you need to know my affiliation (official, coach, player, etc)?

In your test scores, you’ll notice that your scores are compared to ‘averages’. Currently, your results are compared to all other Ruletest users. Once we have a sufficient number of members, we can focus this feedback to the group you have indicated to be most affiliated with. This should help you improve your rules knowledge even better.

1.9. What are the terms and conditions?

You can review the terms and conditions here: http://www.ruletest.info/terms-of-use

2. User management

2.1. How can I change my name or email address?

In the User Panel after you log in:

2.2. Can I change my affiliation or my registered country?

Not yet, we consider developing this feature.

2.3. I forgot my password. How should I recover my password?

You can reset this by clicking the ‘forgot password’ link before you log in. You are then requested to enter your email address used during registration. These emails frequenly end up in your SPAM folder, so please check that folder as well.

2.4. How can I delete my account?

We consider developing this feature. Please send an email to info@ruletest.info

3. Performing a single user test

3.1. How can I start a test?

Registered users should login, browse to their User Panel, and start a test from there. Or follow this link

3.2. Can I pause a test?

Yes, just the ‘take a break’ button. You can continue your test from the User Panel, in the section Unfinished Tests.

To resume, mouse over this area:

3.3. Internet is disconnected during a test. Have I lost my progress?

No, Ruletest stores your answers immediately after you click the ‘next question’ button. You can continue your test from the User Panel, in the section Unfinished Tests.

3.4. What happens if I run out of time during a test?

Your test is finished. You will be redirected to the test results overview.

3.5. Can I change an answer after I’ve submitted it?

After you completed all questions, you will see a page listing all your answers. You can review them. You're directed to the question page if you'd like to change the answer.

3.6. What happens after I complete a test?

After you completed all questions, you will see a page listing all your answers. You can review them. If you're happy with the answers, you are transferred to the test results screen. Your score is calculated, which is displayed immediately. You can share this result on social media and you can challenge another registered user to complete the same test.

3.7. How can I review my test results?

After you have completed a test, you'll see your score and (new) ranking. Also, you can download a PDF with your detailed results. Alternatively, you can download the PDFs of all your finished tests from your User Panel (section Finished Tests).

3.8. What type of questions does Ruletest currently support?

Ruletest supports three types of questions. In a multiple choice question, only one (correct) answer can be selected. In a multiple answer question, one or more (correct) answer(s) should be selected. In an ‘open’ question, you are required to provide the next down (1, 2, 3, 4 or ‘x’), the succeeding yardline of the ball and the team (A or B) next in possession.

3.9. I don’t agree to a question and/or the provided answers and/or the indicated correct answer and/or the provided explanation. What should I do?

We’d like to continuously improve Ruletest so please send us your feedback. During a test, you can flag and dispute a question. You are immediately asked for your feedback, which will be reviewed by our team of specialists. You’re still requested to provide an answer in order to proceed in the test. After a test, please send us an info@ruletest.info email, stating the question ID number and your feedback. We award free days of membership if your feedback is accepted!

3.10. How are the points after each test calculated?

An algorithm calculates your test score. This algorithm combines the number of questions in a test, the questions answered correctly and the difficulty level of the correctly answered questions.

3.11. How do you calculate my total score?

The scores of all test you have finished are added. Your total score is unaffected if you delete a finished test from your User Panel.

3.12. Can I create a test using my own questions?

Not yet, we consider developing this feature.

4. Ruletest challenges

4.1. What is a Ruletest challenge?

After you complete a test, you can challenge another registered Ruletest member to complete the same test questions.

4.2. How can I challenge someone else?

You can only challenge registered Ruletest users. After you have completed a test, you can submit the email addresses from other users you know. Ruletest will indicate the email addresses for which no users are registered. If the challenged user is a registered member, this person will see the challenge in his User Panel. The challenged user will also receive an email (unless he has unsubscribed from our emails). Feel free to remind the challenged users by email yourself as well.

4.3. I get the error “The user with email address (user email) is not an active member of Ruletest”. What does this mean?

Challenges can only be sent to email addresses of registered members. Feel free to contact your friends and ask them to subscribe.

4.4. How does Ruletest determine who has won a challenge?

The user who scores more points than the other has won the challenge. If the challenge ends in a tie, the challenged user has won.

4.5. What happens after the ‘challenger’ and ‘challenged person’ have completed their challenge?

Like a normal test, both users may score points based on their results. The challenged person immediately sees who has won the challenge. The challenger will see this in the User Panel.

5. Initiating a grouptest

5.1. What is a ‘grouptest’?

A grouptest is a feature to request any group of persons to perform a football rules test. You will receive a detailed overview of their results (download sample). Participants will receive their individual report (download sample).

5.2. Why should I initiate a grouptest?

There are two most common uses for grouptests:
  • 1) To perform a certification test. Test a large group of officials, players or coaches on their rules knowledge. The automated result reports save you lots of time in grading and help everyone to improve
  • 2) To support a team preparation. Invite your officiating crew members to perform a short rules test as pre-game preparation. Discuss results, mechanics and philosophy during the pregame

5.3. Who can initiate a grouptest?

Any user with sufficient credits on their account. Most commonly, coordinators, supervisors and crew chiefs will initiate grouptests.

5.4. How do I initiate a grouptest?

There are two ways.
  • 1) After you've completed an individual rules test, you can convert it to a group test. This is possible through the result screen of your individual test (not from your User Panel). This is a quick way to start a grouptest, as you have already reviewed the questions. You can still change the questions in the test
  • 2) By starting a grouptest from your user panel. You can filter our database with questions any way you like, and add questions to your test.

5.5. Can I determine the questions in the test?

Yes, this works similar to an online 'shopping basket'. Simply filter our database and add/remove questions from the test you're creating.

5.6. Can I upload questions I created myself?

Not directly on the site yet, we consider developing this feature. Please contact us.

5.7. Can I upload questions I in my own language?

Not yet, we consider developing this feature. Please contact us

5.8. How are participants aware that I have initiated a grouptest?

Ruletest will automatically send invitations by email. Non-members can start the test by following their unique link in the invitation email. Members can start the test from their user panel. Ruletest does not send reminders, so you should do this yourself if needed. Note that some emails end up in SPAM folders, so participants may not receiver their first invitation email.

5.9. What if a participant does not receive the invitation email or loses it?

You can remind the participants yourself, Ruletest does not do this. You’ll find the unique links sent to non-members in your User Panel, so you can manually resend those if needed. These are not provided for members, as they can start the test from their User Panel and therefore don’t need a link. Our systems determine automatically if your participant is already a member.

5.10. What if a non-member starts a test but has no time to complete it?

You can reset a grouptest for a participant from your user panel. Non-members are not able to pause a test.

5.11. How can I monitor the status of a grouptest?

Your User Panel will show the participants who have started the test and who have not.

5.12. How much credits are charged for a grouptest?

The amount of credits needed depends on the number of questions in the test and the number of invited participants. More information is provided on the pricing page: https://www.ruletest.info/pricing

6. Performing a grouptest

6.1. I’ve received an email that I’m invited to participate in a grouptest. What should I do?

If you’re a registered user, you can start the test from your user panel. If you’re not registered, you can start it from the link in the invitation email. Please note that the test cannot be paused and resumed later by non-members.

6.2. I’m a Ruletest member. How does performing an individual test differ from a grouptest?

  • 1) the result report will not be provided to you immediately, but only after the test deadline has passed. You will see your score after you’ve completed the test.
  • 2) the test initiator will be informed of your results per question.

6.3. I’m not a Ruletest member. Can I pause and resume a test, like members can?

No, unfortunately not. You need to complete the test in one sitting. Feel free to register (for free) afterwards, so you will have that option next time.

6.4. I get the message “The grouptest you've requested is not found. It could be that the grouptest is expired.”

This message could be caused by several things. Please follow these steps:

  • Please check if your link to the test is correctly copied in your browser (the test initiator can resend the link to you if needed).
  • Check if the test deadline may has not passed already.
  • Perhaps you’ve already started and time ran out. Please contact the initiator of the grouptest for assistance. He is able to reset your test from his user panel, if he considers this a good idea. You will lose all your progress

6.5. How is my score after the test calculated?

The correctness percentage is the most factual statistic or your result. The score is calculated using an algorithm. Please refer to the section above for details.

6.6. When will I receive my detailed results report (PDF)?

When the test is completed. So, when the test deadline has passed, or when all participants have completed the test.

7. About Ruletest

7.1. Who is behind Ruletest?

Ruletest and Ruletool are an initiative of Maarten de Boer. More information: http://www.ruletest.info/about-us

7.2. Why have you started Ruletest?

I missed the opportunity to test my college football rules knowledge in a fun, challenging and interactive way. I also missed the integration of images and video as part of a rules test.

7.3. How are Ruletest and Ruletool affiliated?

They are affiliated as both sites are initiated by Maarten de Boer.

7.4. What is your goal with Ruletest?

We’re working hard to make Ruletest the global platform to test American football rules.