Ruletest features for American Football Federations

Improving NCAA and IFAF football rules knowledge in your federation. In a fun way!
The video shows in 2 minutes how Ruletest contributes to your Federation.

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We are proud to support:

  • DAFF
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  • AFBN
  • SMM
  • SAFF

The features in detail

Looking for an easier way to create, review and manage football rule tests? Ruletest can do just that for you!

First you select the rulebook, then you add questions from our database to your test. Easily filter on difficulty level, type of question and play situation. Or reuse a Grouptest you created earlier.

Ruletest - Configure a test
Ruletest - Video question Ruletest - Image question

The use of game film in our questions is unique. This makes the questions practical and fun for all participants.

You can manage your Grouptests from your user panel. You can track who has (not) completed the test yet. Also, you can invite additional participants while the test is running.

Ruletest - Manage your test from your user panel
Ruletest - Challenge others to a test

When the test is completed, all participants receive a detailed result report (download sample).
You will receive an overall results report (download sample). It highlights the scores on each topic, each question and each participant.
The reports link to the rulebooks published on

You can award (group) memberships to (elite) officials or coaches. This allows them to study at their own convenience.

Ruletest - View results of your test
Ruletest - View results of your test

Managing a Grouptest is easy. You can schedule them in advance. For example, send (bi)weekly short Grouptests during the offseason, to further enhance rules knowledge.

Need more details? Check out the Grouptest demo video!

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