Individual membership for officials and coaches

The first 30 days of your membership is a free trial period. The trial ends automatically. You can extend your membership with 3 or 12 months. These extended memberships also end automatically.

All paid memberships allow to take unlimited tests (fair use policy applies).

Ruletest - Individual members
Ruletest - Federations

American Football Federations

Federations have several options how to use Ruletest:
  1. Launch Grouptests: licence/certification tests for your officials and/or coaches. You can invite anyone by email, even non-members. Check our features page for more information. These tests are paid for by credits.
  2. Send (bi)weekly, short Grouptests. These frequent tests also require credits, but at a discounted rate. Please contact us.
  3. Award (group) memberships to your (elite) officials or coaches. This allows them to study at their own convenience. Group discounts of the 12-month memberships are possible. Please contact us.

Please contact us to request a tailored offer for your Federation.


    • Cost per month
    • Credits to perform grouptests
    • Usage example
  • 3 month membership
  • 15
    Approximately $17,-
    • €5 (approx. $5.66)
    • none
    • Offseason study
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  • Popular
  • 1 year membership
  • 27
    Approximately $30
    • €2,25 (approx. $2.50)
    • 20 credits
      to test your team/crew mates
    • Continuous rules study
  • Go to buying page
  • Grouptest credit pack
    for federations
  • 160
    Approximately $180,-
    • -
    • 200 credits
    • Invite 100 participants to your test(s).
      Includes 25 questions (more possible).
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How much credits do I need for a group test?

A Grouptest requires 2 credits for each invited participant. This includes 25 questions in your test. Adding a batch of 25 questions (up to 100) requires 1 extra credit for each participant.

The diagram shows examples:

Pricing example