Individual membership for officials and coaches

The FREE memberships allows access to all features, with limitations (scroll down for details). This membership is ideal to casually improve your rules knowledge. It does not expire.

Prefer to have all unlimited features? Upgrade to the PREMIUM memberships (fair use policy applies). This premium membership is available for 3 or 12 months (and end automatically). After expiration, you'll have a free membership again. Upgrade again whenever you like!

Ruletest - Individual members
Ruletest - Federations

American Football Federations

Federations have several options how to use Ruletest:
  1. Launch Grouptests: licence/certification tests for your officials and/or coaches. You can invite anyone by email, even non-members. Check our features page for more information. These tests are paid for by credits.
  2. Send (bi)weekly, short Grouptests. These frequent tests also require credits, but at a discounted rate. Please contact us.
  3. Award (group) memberships to your (elite) officials or coaches. This allows them to study at their own convenience. Group discounts of the 12-month memberships are possible. Please contact us.

Please contact us to request a tailored offer for your Federation.


    • Easy/Medium questions
    • Hard/Very Hard questions
    • Max. number of tests
    • Max. number of questions
    • Academy modules available
    • Bulk discounts available
  • FREE membership
  • Free
    • Ruletest - free membership
    • Ruletest - free membership
    • 2 per month
    • 20 per test
    • 2
    • N/A
  • PREMIUM 3 months
  • 15
    Approximately $17,50
    • Ruletest - free membership
    • Ruletest - free membership
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
    • All (11)
    • No
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  • Popular
  • PREMIUM 12 months
  • 27
    Approximately $31,50
    • Ruletest - free membership
    • Ruletest - free membership
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
    • All (11)
    • Up to 50%. Contact us!
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How much credits do I need for a group test?

A Grouptest requires 2 credits for each invited participant. This includes 25 questions in your test. Adding a batch of 25 questions (up to 100) requires 1 extra credit for each participant.

The diagram shows examples:

Pricing example